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Founded in 2005, AsMedic Ltd. develops and disseminates unique and innovative delivery and diagnostic systems in the respiratory field. AsMedic is owned and funded by its founders, a pharmaceutical company, and the Israel Innovative Authority – a governmental organization.

AsMedic is specialized in the respiratory technology for delivery system and COVID-19. Its general solution is to use an innovative personalized inhaler on which the patient exhale to measure its FEV1 indicator and the inhaler release the right adjusted dosage for pushing or inhaling. 

  • Based on GINA & GOLD guidelines the new inhalers provide better personalized adjusted treatment that significantly lower prices and reduce side effects.
  • Flow sensor based inhaler that is integrated with the drug release or inhaled mechanism on the same device.
  • The innovative inhalers will store the patient daily Airway Obstruction data.
  • Reusable inhaler that contains significant lower cost disposable capsules for the drug as compared to the present disposable inhalers.
  • Other disposable or reusable inhalers that can contain liquid or powder.
  • AsMedic owns patents of the concept and additional patents on key technologies.

Diagnostic Respiratory –
Drug Delivery and Diagnostic Systems

Inhaling the right medicine dosage upon the airway obstruction at any given time.
Personalized adjusted treatment for Asthma and COPD for better bioavailability and lungs disposition.



POD’s present product line is based on its IP of diagnosing perception of asthma level as compared to a normal patient perception in different respiratory resistance levels. The system will provide graphical display that will indicate the patient perception level at steady state situation and in different respiratory resistance levels.

Personalized adjusted drug dosage inhalers for Asthma and COPD

Personalized flow sensor-based inhalers incorporating spirometer-like features to adjust the drug dosage according to the patient’s airway obstruction at any given moment. The right drug dosage addresses better lung disposition and better bio availability treatment upon GINA and GOLD guidelines.


Arie Huber


38 years of experience in management and business development of certain high tech multinational enterprises and projects.

Professor Paltiel Weiner

Medical Manager

Professor Weiner has over 40 years of experience in clinical and medical research. He was the Director of Internal Medicine Dept. at Hospital, and Medicine Senior Lecturer at the Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine Technion, in Haifa. He co-authored scientific papers and articles published in peer-reviewed-journals.

Dr Shraga Haber


Shraga has over 40 years of experience in all levels of electro mechanical, micro mechanical, optic, material and related fields in known big and also small companies.

Dr Gabor (Gaby) Kosa

Technical Advisor

Gaby established bio-robotics, bio-medical micro-systems R&D labs at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Tel Aviv University and a Senior Lecturer in Switzerland. He has 20 years of experience in the development of medical devices.

Valentin Nov

Technical Advisor

Valentin has over 10 years of experience in designing and developing sophisticated mechanical devices and instruments used within the military and civilian medical fields.

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