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Biosolution was established with the purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling cell therapy products, and was listed on KOSDAQ in August 2018 (KOSDAQ: 086820). We seek to not only to make our technology known, but also preemptively react to future market trends to ensure constant growth and development moving forward.

Our company’s commercialization and market acquisition of advanced biopharmaceuticals including cell therapy products is directly connected to the company’s growth potential. Cellular therapies are much more advantageous in clinical trials and market entry, which is reinforced by the fact that autologous keratinocyte cell therapy and chondrocyte cell therapies are marketable after completion of Phase 2 Clinical Trials. Moving forward, we will focus on the development of autologous treatments such as KeraHeal, KeraHeal-Allo, CartiLife® and CartilOiD, then on their allogenic variants in order to attain both speed and accessibility in commercialization.

In order to expand the market of commercialized products, KeraHeal was registered in the Industrial Accident Insurance on 2009. The requirement for industrial accident qualification was expanded on 2018 (from 60% of body surface area burn to 40%), and we expect a significant increase in sales volume accordingly. KeraHeal-Allo was registered in Health Insurance and Industrial Accident Insurance on November, 2016 It is under a consignment sales agreement with Mundipharma Korea, a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of burn wound treatment therapies which possesses a nation-wide supply system. Since official sales began in 2017, KeraHeal-Allo has achieved a 20% market share dominance in 2017. CartiLife®, an autologous chondrocyte cell therapy has also established a consignment sales agreement with Mundipharma Korea which is also famous for its specialization in osteoarthritis therapy, and has entered the market in 2019.

Based on our advanced cell-based application technology and its wide application to numerous cells, we not only aim to research and manufacture products which address the limitations of pre-existing products, but also innovate and commercialize our products to ensure we maintain market relevancy and technological superiority.

Following the growth process listed above, our company has developed outstanding, promising products which has culminated in notable accomplishments such as CartiLife®’s sales permission in 2019, and the OECD TG registration of the tissue model. With this driving force, we are prepared to launch our enterprise to not only the immediate domestic market, but also to overseas markets such as China and the United States.

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As we step into the 21st century, the average human lifespan has become increasingly lengthy with the introduction of widespread healthcare and medical benefits. Degenerative diseases, genetic abnormalities, disabilities, accidents and diseases have led to the advent of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as a branch of medicine, and the demand for novel pharmaceutics capable of improving the functional capability of cells or tissues through treatments targeting the fundamental issue have reached new levels of desirability. Biosolution Co., Ltd is focused on the development and marketing of cell-based therapy products with high innate market performance and utility value. We have developed numerous product lines with our proprietary cell manipulation technologies, and through its application to many different types of cells, aim to attain relevance and advantage in the ever-changing market with improved, innovative next-generation treatments. We aimed to use the cornerstone built from our expertise in cell-based therapies towards building a future driving force for human tissue models augmented with cell manipulation technologies, and focus on expanding our market within South Korea and beyond by taking the first step forward with our registration of OECD international test guideline for our tissue model. Biosolution Co., Ltd aims to contribute to the happiness and well-being of humanity as a global leader of biotechnology and cell-based technology. Biosolution intends to enter the global medical beauty market through the development of various new materials including stem cell exosomes.

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