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Established in 2013, Cultiplan is an agent for Kwanglim Arts Center that owns two classic halls with 1006 seats and 613 seats, and a business operator of Queens Juicery, an eco-friendly healthy diet brand. Since 2017, we have experimented on blockchain and cryptocurrency in a series of projects, and devise this business model together with experts in “Culture & Travel.” To succeed in this blockchain-based business, we believe that culture and financial essence should be organically combined and that users around the world should have an easy access. We values the personality of each team member, and is willing to grow together with everyone in the blockchain business.

Cultiplan Ecosystem acts as a giant platform to arm “Culture & Travel” with Blockchain.

Business Ecosystem

Blockchain-based platform with Digital Point payment function for “Culture & Travel”

Mainnet Foundation

Currency policy, Mainnet construction, Digital Point issuing & distribution

Asset Management

Funding load & support and financial business in ‘Culture & Travel’ fields

Application System

Platform development and operation, technical support for Cultiplan


General supporter for Alliances to thrive in the ecosystem


Enterprises, groups, and individuals who join Cultiplan “Culture & Travel” Dapp Ecosystem

Alliance System through “Digital Point Card”

“Digital Point Cards” loaded with “Blockchain Point” are applied into diverse real-life fields through Alliance System. Users can share “CTPL COIN” and “Blockchain Point” with each other anywhere in the world. This provides a stable and reliable system through smart contracts, and can improve work efficiency and user convenience. As Cultiplan system is increasingly permeating into diverse fields, we will open up a breathtaking future.

  • Culture: performances, movies, games, OTT services, NFT tickets, sports, etc.
  • Travel: Dining out, lodging, airlines, car sharing, etc.

Value and function of Cultiplan cryptocurrency

Cultiplan’s cryptocurrency (hereinafter referred to as CTPL COIN) plays a main role in value creation for the growth of Cultiplan “Culture & Travel” ecosystem. As CTPL COIN is listed on exchanges worldwide, numerous people can earn a return on their investment. Blockchain Point acts as an exchange means to expand real-life payment channels within the platform, and contributes to customer satisfaction by interlocking with various reward programs.

  • Rights-type Blockchain Point
  • Financial Blockchain Point



Projects by Cultiplan


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