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Design Hospital started to gain attention for achieving the latest hospital environment since its establishment in 2012 and is capable of leading the healthcare of the 21st century. It currently operates 650 beds, staffed by over 1,050 employees including 94 doctors, 450 nurses and other personnel. The hospital operates 35 departments to provide quick recovery and specialized treatment to patients. Also it operates 14 specialized centers and 8 specialized hospitals based on close cooperation and effective treatments. Through this, we are able to succeed in various complicated surgeries and in treating difficult diseases, and we are establishing our image as a very capable hospital.

Along with our establishment, we have opened the ‘Health Examination Center’ which has the latest medical equipment and professional staff, and ‘365 Hospital’ which is opening for 365 days for patients who need to see a doctor anytime. Recently, we opened the ‘Infertility Center’ , it helps a woman who has difficulty having a baby. Also “Vascular Center” and “Bariatric Center”, it helps people live healthy lives. A professional doctor counsel a patient and try to find cause of infertility and treat them first before doing procedure. Also the doctor and researchers have a conference per week to improve quality of their medical treatment and acquired the latest information in the world.

Our hospital is leading the Korean medical community as well as our local society following this ‘Patient-centered’ philosophy, ‘Not only treating a patient, but also acquiring a patient’s heart’.

Atithi Devo Bhava

여기오시는 모든 분들을 신처럼 귀하게 여깁니다.

Nimitta Bhava

나의 능력은 신의 손을 대신할 뿐 입니다

  • Mission

The righteousness of DESIGN hospital is compassion for the patient. We work only for the needs of the patient. Our Medicine is art, not technique.

  • Vision

DESIGN will become a best holistic hospital in the world which leads physical, psychological, and spiritual healing of patients through western medical science, oriental medicine and Ayurveda therapy.

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