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Dikang (迪康)

Dikang Pharmaceutical (迪康药业) was founded in 1993 and listed on the Shanghai Exchange Market in 2001 (600466.SH). Based in Chengdu and Chongqing, Dikang has 1,100+ employees producing chemical raw materials and Chinese medicine, biomedical materials, and bioengineering pharmaceutical products, under the two subsidiaries: 1) Sichuan Dikang Pharma Trading (四川迪康医药贸易有限公司) and 2) Lhasa Pharma Technology (拉萨迪康医药科技有限公司). In 2000, Dikang Zhongke Biomedical (迪康中科) was founded as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on biomedical materials.

In July 2020, Languang Development (蓝光发展 600466.SH  https://www.brc.com.cn), formerly known as Sichuan Dikang Technology Pharmaceutical (四川迪康科技藥業股份有限公司), sold Chengdu Dikang Pharmaceutical (成都迪康药业) to Hanshang (汉商 600774.SS  http://www.whhsg.com) for 900m rmb.

Languang Development

Hanshang Group

Dikang’s Products

Its products are related to digestive system, respiratory system, medical equipment, pediatrics, dermatology, and gynecology. The core products include “安可妥” (Anketo: pioglitazone hydrochloride tablets, a national first-class new drug), “安斯菲” (Ansifi: rebeira) Sodium azole enteric-coated tablets, a national second-class new drug), national protection varieties of traditional Chinese medicine “通窍鼻炎颗粒”(Tongqiao Biyan Granules), “龙七胃康片” (Longqiweikang Tablets), “芩连胶囊”(Qinlian Capsules), National “863” Project “可吸收骨折内固定螺钉” (Absorbable Fracture Internal Fixation Screws) and “可吸收医用膜”(Absorbable medical film) and more. Among them, “可吸收骨折内固定螺钉”(absorbable fracture internal fixation screws) and “可吸收医用膜”(absorbable medical membranes) are the first in China and reach the international advanced level.

Dikang’s Manufacturing Facilities

The factory covers an area of ​​51,070 square meters and is designed in strict accordance with GMP standards and green environmental protection requirements. It is a typical environmentally friendly, garden-style factory. At present, there are a total of 93 registered product approval numbers, including 9 protected Chinese medicines, 1 national first-class new drug, and 4 national second-class new drugs. Equipped with syrup, mixture (including oral liquid), tincture (orally taken), decoction, solution, oral solution, nose drops, ear drops, tincture (for external use), liniment, ointment, suppository, granule, Production of 15 dosage forms such as tablets and capsules, as well as the pretreatment and extraction of Chinese medicines.

Dikang’s Public Welfare

Dikang Pharmaceutical invested a huge amount of money to build the first Chinese medicine-themed museum in China-Chengdu Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine in September 2001. The museum collects a large number of traditional Chinese medicine cultural relics or historical materials, including the exhibition area of ​​the history of traditional Chinese medicine, the exhibition area of ​​Dasunyuan medicine, the exhibition area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials, the exhibition area of ​​”Baicao Garden”, and the five exhibition areas of modern Chinese medicine, providing a place for all walks of life to conduct academic research , Revealing cultural secrets, seeking roots and nostalgia, visiting venues for exchanges, inheriting and discovering the infinite connotation of Chinese medicine culture. The museum was recognized as the Chengdu Science Popularization Base by the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee, and the Chengdu Association for Science and Technology in 2012. Since the opening of the museum, it has received tens of thousands of visits by leaders of the central provinces and cities, domestic and foreign experts and scholars, colleagues, college students, and the public. While pursuing its own development, Dikang Pharmaceutical has always maintained a high degree of social responsibility and is committed to thanking and giving back to the society. At the same time, Dikang Pharmaceuticals adheres to the charity philosophy of Blu-ray Group of “Being kind to my heart, benevolent in the world”, and actively devotes itself to social charity, through disaster relief, education, poverty alleviation, orphans, etc., from financial resources, human resources, and material resources. All aspects fulfill their social responsibilities.

Dikang’s Partners

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