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Located in Cheongna district of Incheon, Korea, Elim Art Center is a high-end classical music center with 300-seat hall, 140-seat chamber hall, and top-notch instruments including Steinway & Sons’ D type grand piano and Gerald Woehl in Marburg’s pipe organ. Elim Art Center provides easy access to high quality music performances to music-lovers in Incheon and around and city. Elim Hall is a space where you can enjoy music with a rich sense of realism by bringing the performer and the audience together acoustically and visually. It has a German Gerald Woehl pipe organ and Steinway & Sons D Type Grand Piano (made in USA). The interior of the hall is made of birch so you can experience the natural and comfortable acoustics with your whole body. There are various types of sound equipment and various types of analog speakers used in theaters in the 1930s and 40s. It is installed in a small hall of dogs, so you can enjoy true analog music.

Elim Art Center is owned by Elim Zone that operates Elim Marina & Resort in South Ocean, Korea and Elim Beach Zone in Incheon, Korea. Elim Zone aims to create a space that can help relieve stress and thirst for people who are tired in life, such as meeting an oasis in the desert, and provide a more comfortable rest and rest as well as a harmonious relationship between families.

Elim Hall (300-seat)

Chamber Hall (140-seat)

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