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Entico is specialized in development of mask pack, OEM and ODM. Our priority of goals is a customer’s satisfaction and quality. We do our best to satisfy our customers by innovative and different items which invented through the highest quality production management system, new product development and consecutive new technology research. We create culture and seek new chances and revolution. We challenge for high quality and expertise by developing consecutively. We reflect new idea and trend and present diverse and creative products. ENTICO’s philosophy is to think healthy skins and future environment by hypo-allergenic material including nature material. We are the company which makes healthy beauty by the creative and different highest quality products. We have professional for excellent item’s quality and new material invention by R&D investment, new item research.

Mask Pack Sheet: Hypoallergenic fabrics with natural material have excellent adherence and give active component quickly. Thanks to the background of production technology of mask fabric, we can develop diverse parts such as face T zone, U zone, forehead, cheek, eyes, neck, nose, hands pack, foot pack, foot filling pack, hair pack and others for consideration of skins.


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