FAQ (for students)

It’s a unique way to highlight yourself from peers when applying for full-time jobs and internships.

  • Exprive allows you to show your work products to international companies in foreign countries without traveling abroad.
  • Unlike internship where you typically report to someone with 1-3 years of experience, Exprive provides senior leadership exposure as your work will be presented to senior/middle management.
  • It may lead to recruiting or collaboration opportunities with the host company or other companies that are doing cross-border businesses in your regions.
  • It allows you to better understand different career paths in certain industry or country.
  • It allows you to network with other team members who are as highly motivated as you.
  • It allows you to learn from professional mentors in various functions, industries, and countries.

As internships form contractual relationships between employers and students, companies can only provide a limited number of positions in a more structured format (i.e. summer internship), and they prefer to hire domestic talents who do not require visa process.

  • Open to all: Exprive allows companies to open up more opportunities to many students to tackle a simple project that the company needs to address. As these simple work deliverables show many things about students’ capabilities, employers can have early and risk-free access to highly motivated students by seeing your actual work instead of seeing what is written on the resume.
  • Flexibility: There’s no time restriction as students can start this anytime and anywhere without worrying about visa process.
  • Risk-free: It’s risk-free to students as you are showcasing your work to help the companies.

Of course! You can add Exprive experience as long as follow our Exprive Referencing Policy.

Yes! Exprive will provide a Certificate of Project Completion or Certificate of Appreciation with company name, project name, and your information.

Exprive does not or cannot guarantee you any job offers as we are providing access to potential employers. However, as your work is presented to senior/middle management in profit centers, they may see needs to request for a subsequent work. Some companies may recognize your participation in Exprive program in formal recruiting process for internship or full time position. Recruiting is similar to branding, marketing, and sales process. It is your ability to leverage your experiences to package yourself as a great candidate. We will guide you through this process for your success.

Unfortunately no. Exprive is designed to let you show your capabilities to your desired international company on a pro-bono basis to develop professional network and gain unique experience for your resume. As it doesn’t require you to go through the formal recruiting application process (i.e. resume screening and interview) nor to report to a certain work location for 40+ hours/week, there is no exchange of contacts or money between the host company and yourself. We hope you could leverage this experience to build a foundation in your career management and unlock the expected opportunities like many of our previous participants.

It is free to do as many Exprive projects as you like. However, we do require all students to take Exprive Career Clinic ($199) as we need to understand your backgrounds and interests so we could recommend a better company and a project for you to participate. We also introduce your credential to our member companies for a mutual fit. Additionally, we provide career management lessons to help you refine your career goals. See (Link: Exprive Career Clinic) for more details.

In case you would like to receive 1-on-1 guidance from our Exprive counselor throughout the project, you could select ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ option. See (Link: Project Option) for more details such as:

  • 1:1 project coaching sessions
  • 1:1 resume coaching sessions
  • Connect with Exprive mentors in various fields
  • Recommendation letter

We have carefully invited 100+ mentors who are graduates of top US schools to volunteer to guide you with your project management and project deliverables. As we believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental in creating inspiration and innovation, our mentors have diverse background in terms of industry, function, work geography, nationality, and gender.

Career management is a meaningful process for them. They worked hard when they were young and some of them are still working hard. They would like to give back by sharing their experiences and mistakes with young candidates so you could avoid certain paths and learn from others. Our mentors also would like to learn from you by hearing your stories and project deliverables.

For Exprive Career Clinic, our fee is 100% refundable until 48 hours before the first scheduled call with our counselor. As we review your credential and resume and review potential companies prior to the first call, we hope you understand.

For Exprive PRO or PREMIUM, our fee is 100% refundable if you haven’t received project materials and must be requested 48 hours before the first scheduled call with our counselor. As our counselors and mentors spend time reviewing your credentials and company/project details right away, we hope you understand. 

Anywhere in the world. As long as you provide us with your resume (or bio) so our host company can understand your background, you can do as many Exprive projects as you like.

As our Exprive program is designed for candidates preparing to apply for full-time job in the future, college students and graduate students find us most helpful. Some highly-motivated high school students also joined Exprive to jumpstart their career and build foundation on their resume. Some young professionals find us helpful to network with foreign companies to find opportunities. Anyone can try Exprive as long as you can provide a material showing your professional and education backgrounds.

Register on Exprive.com and schedule your Exprive Career Clinic. Go (Link: Exprive Career Clinic).

FAQ (for Companies)

Any companies looking for highly motivated students are on Exprive. Our host companies have diverse backgrounds in terms of geographic location, industry, and business areas, but they do have one thing in common – high brand value. See (Link: Companies) for the list of companies.

As the goal of companies is to maximize shareholder values, companies have limited resources and time to allocate into businesses, departments, and positions. Exprive allows companies to have early access to highly motivated talents who would like to show capabilities by delivering a real work deliverables. It is also beneficial companies to hear fresh ideas on certain business areas or geographic regions that they may not be able to allocate permanent resources yet (i.e. foreign partner identification, business expansion to a new country/region, or new business development). This casual relationships may lead to a permanent role or collaboration when it comes to cross-border business.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us anytime at contact@exprive.com or Contact Us link below. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Please feel free to submit your company introduction or prospoal PDF to show your seriousness to increase the chance of getting reply from the company.

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