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Based in Hong Kong, Forest Hills Partners operates Forest Hills Lab and Kmall21.com.

Forest Hills Lab (FHL) is focused on developing and distributing healthcare products which enhance the quality of life in an anti-aging environment. FHL has a broad range of products, including therapeutic drugs, medical devices, dermal fillers and their related cosmetic applications. FHL is founded by Mstone Partners whose main business is engaged in therapeutic drug development and healthcare services, focused on innovative compounds ranging from small molecules, peptides and to synthetic polymers in gene and cell therapies. FHL develops and provides high-quality health and beauty products initially manufactured from its Korean partners, including injectable dermal HA fillers, mesotherapy, a variety of medical devices and cosmetics, largely sold in many overseas jurisdictions. FHL also develops therapeutic drugs to treat a number of key indications affecting aging population, including but not limited to neuro-degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. FHL’s vision is to provide longevity and quality of life for our global community in both mental and physical wellbeing. FHL strives to bring these high quality and innovative products to all corners of the world in and affordable and seamless fashion.

FHL is greatly supported by its founding shareholder, Mstone Partners which is focused on developing therapeutic drugs primarily sourced from prominent US medical institutions with the US FDA regulatory pathways. Mstone Partners has invested and established a number of drug development companies in both pre-clinical and clinical phases, including Epygenix Therapeutics, Polaryx Therapeutics, Curyx Bio and Medeoryx. Mstone has also created a drug development platform model under the name of CuryxBio. FHL also has a number of close partners and other collaborative relationships with Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Mecox, Saudi German Group, New Medic, Youngpoong Pharmaceuticals, and Rush University.

FHL has wide range of cosmeceutical products ranging from skin and healthcare products to aesthetic fillers and radio-frequency based laser device.

Kmall21 provides the e-shopping service for customer and business clients, its function including retail, distribution, wholesales, and marketplace for Korean Brands which interest to explore and develop its market out of Korea and target Asia countries. Kmall21.com aims at providing a comprehensive and advanced shopping experience to the customers, it is user-friendly and supports multi-payment gateways. We also aim at providing quality skincare products and healthcare products to help customers’ skin to get improve and being healthy, in order to enjoy its life and simple makeup, being #realme in any situation.

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