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Located in Gangnam district of Seoul in South Korea, GNG Hospital is a university-level medical facility specialized a rhinoplasty and functional nose surgery and facial bone contouring surgery serving customers from all over the world.

  • Recognized  :  Getting certified as a university hospital means that all the guidelines for safety (facilities & equipment) were met. GNG Hospital is a university-level medical facility approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Best Service  :  GNG Hospital was designed keeping in mind the advantages of both small and large medical facilities. GNG Hospital has the safety standards of a university hospital while also providing detailed services just like at a small clinic. We create the safest and most comfortable medical environment for our patients.
  • Specialist  :  GNG Hospital is subdivided into 8 different categories. These include: rhinoplasty (functional/cosmetic), revision rhinoplasty, facial contouring, blepharoplasty, fat grafting, facial lifting procedures, anesthesia, and the sleep clinic. Specialists in each area provide patients with informational and personally tailored 1 on 1 consultations.

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