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Since its foundation through a strategic alliance with Parsons (a global EC & CM company) on June 18th 1996, HanmiGlobal introduced Project Management (PM) in Korea and transformed the way of delivering construction projects to clients from inception to completion and beyond. We have also been at the forefront of improving recognition of the Korean construction industry by leveraging our expertise and empowering our employees to provide differentiated solutions. In addition, we have entered the global construction market, upholding the reputation of Korean construction firms and striving to become the leading global company.

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With construction project management (PM) as our main expertise, we are expanding our business areas into supervision, development, CM at risk, sustainability (environmental business), energy / infrastructure, overseas business, remodeling, and reconstruction.

HanmiGlobal Way

HanmiGlobal established the company’s guiding principles – HanmiGlobal Way – to enlighten the employees at work and drive the company to success. Based on the business infrastructure of HanmiGlobal, the HanmiGlobal Way summarizes the unique corporate culture, standardizes the management principles, and shapes how employees behave and make decision. The three core principles of the HanmiGlobal Way that invigorates ‘happy employees make an excellent company’ are: Fun, Growth, and Pride.

Ethical Management

In an era when the process integrity and transparency are more important than the importance of the attainment of goals, companies that conduct unethical business activities are no longer recognized by customers and society. Thus, HanmiGlobal introduced its Ethical Management on April 1, 2002, to commit to integrity and ethical business practices and establish ethics as a corporate culture.

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