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Herbco specializes in functional health food and supplements extracted from natural sources. The best vitamins, minerals, and health benefits can be easily found in herbs, spices, plants and animals and we aim to extract the best of these benefits for people. Our company was founded by a team of doctors and healthcare professionals who ensure that the highest safety standards are met, and that the products are effective and functional. We have presence in medical centres and pharmacies in the Klang Valley, and are now expanding our online presence as well as look to expand internationally. We are aiming to be top lifestyle provider of healthy, functional, and natural food supplements.

The Herbco Story

Nature is a miracle. Our leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, roots – deeply embedded in nature, is a rich source of nutrients which can simultaneously promote growth and defend itself from harm. So, when looking for a remedy to boost our health whether it is our immune system or to keep ourselves young and energetic, we look back into nature and find that the solution has been there, all along. Here at Herbco, we study the inherent natures and benefits of plants (and animals), extract their best qualities so as to deliver to you supplements with synergistic properties that fit your health needs and goals.

Our Mission

To encourage healthy lifestyle and improve quality of life through natural remedies and supplements that are affordable, tasty and independently verified.

Our Philosophy

Our product philosophy is simple. It is 3 things: quality, taste and safety.

  • Quality assured products
  • Innovative and synergistic formulation
  • Pleasure to the taste buds

Our Brand


HSC Integrative Medicine (HSCIM) :  HSCIM started in February 2004, where a group of doctors and healthcare professionals sought to provide reliable and quality Omega-3 fish oil for their heart patients, knowing the benefits Omega-3 can bring about. HSC’s fish oil has been prescribed widely to more than 15,000 heart patients at hospitals and is now taking the move online to make our fish oil more accessible to everyone.

Herbco :  Herbco is our health food division that combines functional active ingredients of superfoods with everyday food and drink in convenient forms for your consumption. Ingredients used in Herbco products are sourced globally to ensure top-quality ingredients are used.

Healthy and tasty? Why not!

Herbco Products

GLOW Collagen Jelly

“What is so good about Herbco GLOW Collagen Jelly?”

Ever heard the sentence “beauty from within”? Herbco believes this, and hence we pack the best natural ingredients into our product and made it into an edible and delicious jelly so that you can consume them and have the nutrients work their way out to a beautiful you!

We are always transparent about our product ingredients because we are confident with our quality. Here are the five primary materials that make up our GLOW Collagen Jelly. Each material plays a different role and provides a distinct benefit to you!

GUARD Immuno Jelly

“What is so good about Herbco GUARD Immuno Jelly?”

We combine unique ingredients to provide total protection against bacteria, viruses, pathogens, free radicals and allergies. There’s a saying that goes, “we are what we consume”. So in order to boost our immunity, we gotta eat healthy food with lots of antioxidants and anti viral properties!

We extract the best active ingredients from these 6 superfoods to deliver you an all round immune boost. Each ingredient plays a different role in keeping our immune system strong and healthy!


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