How it Works

Exprive is designed to help you build connection with international companies by remotely delivering a short-term project. This unique experience on your resume will help you stand out and catch the employers’ attention. 

Exprive Process

Step 1

Pick a project and apply

Step 2

Receive a Project Acceptance Letter

Step 3

Execute the project

Step 4

Get a Certificate of


Projects that you might be interested

Tencent Trusted Doctor

Domestic online medical service case study

- SCG Company

Analysis of NocNoc website

GO ART (艺览文化)

Chinese Art Going Global

United States

Digital healthcare for seniors and chronic disease patients


Exprive Membership (Free)

It’s free to join the Exprive network of professionals doing international work.

Instead of going through a recruiting process to get an opportunity to work to show how great you are, you can simply pick a company on the Exprive platform and execute the project that the company wants to know more about.

Exprive Project (Free)

Project Kickoff

  • Receive Exprive Project Acceptance Letter (PAL)
  • Receive detailed project background material and company material, if applicable
  • Receive project specific templates, if applicable


  • Submit the project deliverable to the host company
  • Receive simple written feedback from the host company


  • Receive Exprive Certificate of Appreciation (CA), certifying your work for the host company

Note: Host company “may” ask for presentation or subsequent project (for-fee) if the deliverable is great.

One-time Exprive Application Fee: $29

To maintain the overall quality of our program and provide you with the best experience, we ask participants to submit the resume when applying for a project. Our Exprive Committee, comprised of M7 MBA alumni professional mentors,  reviews the fit among the host company, the project, and the team before issuing Exprive Project Acceptance Letter (PAL). Your application fee will be charged only once and you may pay at the time of your acceptance on your first project.

Exprive Mentoring Service (Optional)

In case you would like to enrich your experience, you could simply add the “Upgrade” option when applying for a project ($499 per project team)

Project Kickoff

  • Introductory call with Exprive PIC


  • Receive specific feedback from our Exprive Mentor* on your project deliverable draft
  • Receive detailed written feedback from the host company

Please see our Exprive Mentors page for more details about our mentors.

Other Exprive Mentoring Services


Please feel free to submit your company introduction or prospoal PDF to show your seriousness to increase the chance of getting reply from the company.

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