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Huaxia Eye Hospital Group (华厦眼科医院集团)

Huaxia Eye Hospital Group (华厦眼科医院集团) is a large-scale eye medical chain group in China, and has opened more than 50 professional medical institutions in many provinces and cities in China. The Xiamen Ophthalmology Center affiliated to Xiamen University (厦门大学附属厦门眼科中心), the headquarters of the group, was established in 1997. It is a national key clinical specialist (ophthalmology) construction unit, a tertiary A-grade ophthalmic hospital, with post-doctoral scientific research workstations and academician expert workstations.

Huaxia (华厦) respects experts and knowledge, and recruits medical talents. At present, there are only 5 academicians of the International Academy of Ophthalmology in mainland China, of which 2 are working in Huaxia (华厦), namely Professor Li Xiaoxin (黎晓新), President of Xiamen Eye Center, and Huaxia (华厦) Professor Zhao Kanxing (赵堪兴), Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Hospital Group.

Adhering to the concept of balanced development of the trinity of medical, teaching, and scientific research, Huaxia (华厦) has built a national difficult eye consultation platform in the Wuyuan District of the headquarters, and established the Ophthalmology Institute of Huaxia Eye Hospital Group (华厦眼科医院集团). It has 863 plans, 973 plans, and national major research plans. , National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Distinguished Youth Fund, Postdoctoral Science Fund, foreign expert talent introduction projects and nearly 200 provincial and municipal projects. The group is also committed to building a cradle for ophthalmology elite training through a series of development platforms such as two hospitals, two hospitals, three bases, three stations, and cooperative colleges. It has successively launched the Chinese Ophthalmologist Tomorrow Star Program and the Chinese Ophthalmologist Elite Talent Training Program to help Promote the construction of national doctors and cultivate future leading talents in ophthalmology.

While striding forward, Huaxia (华厦) has never forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities. Since its establishment, the group’s public welfare diagnosis and treatment footprint has not only spread all over the country, but also has gone abroad more than ten times, and has been invited to Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and other countries along the Belt and Road to carry out charitable activities and contribute to the international cause of light. CCTV reported like 4 times.

Huaxia (华厦) adheres to the mission of “serving every patient well regardless of wealth or poverty, so that everyone has a pair of healthy and bright eyes”, and follows the mission of “exquisite medical skills, reasonable fees, high medical ethics, considerate service, fast and convenient, and elegant environment” The company’s business philosophy is to carry out large-scale chain operations and adhere to the core values ​​of “responsibility, care, innovation, and win-win” in order to achieve the goal of “patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, peer recognition, social recognition, and government peace of mind”!

Huaxia Eye Hospital Group (华厦眼科医院集团) is currently in a period of rapid development. Adhering to the spirit of “recruiting talents and creating a bright future”, we will promote the development of China’s ophthalmology industry and create a bright and beautiful future!

Projects by Huaxia Eye Hospital Group (华厦眼科医院集团)


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