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Hyundai Aesthetics (現代美學整形外科)

Leading Korean plastic surgery clinic founded in 2011 and specialized in eye, rhinoplasty, contour, body shape, and lip shaping surgeries and treatments. In-house staff can speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Turkish.


HYUNDAI AESTHETICS PLASTIC SURGERY that Meets Medical Science and Art to Creates Genuine Beauty

Considering the artistically harmonious beauty, our clinic completes the natural beauty of the patients by taking the best possible anatomical structure. We seek artistic natural beauty to increase customers’ satisfaction, through the aesthetic completion of plastic surgery, For everlasting beauty, our professional doctors in each field provide safe service.


High Quality Medical System

1:1 Personalized System

We provide customized system from consultation, operation, follow-up to after care. HYUNDAI AESTHETICS PLASTIC SURGERY promise to give a patient-based service by putting safety and comfort of patient to priority.

Collaboration system by Specialized Medical Staff

Collaboration system by Specialized department from eye surgery, nose surgery, facial contouring, Anti-aging, Breast surgery, Body contouring, Medical Skin care to anesthetics.

What is nose contouring surgery at Hyundai Aesthetics?

We accurately analyze the basic nose contours and facial proportions that vary from individual through a number of surgical experiences over a long period of time to create the best nose contour for you.

Medical Staff

Projects by Hyundai Aesthetics (現代美學整形外科)


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