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Established in 1993, Kang Dong Hospital is an orthopedic hospital specially designated as Orthopedic Hospital by Ministry of Health & Welfare of the Republic of Korea. It has 5 departments (Joint, Spine, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Radiology) and 7 centers (Joint Center, Spine Center, Hemodialysis Center, Physical Therapy Center, Comprehensive Health Examination Center, Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology Center, and International Medical Center).

Orthopedic hospital along with neurosurgery conducts treatment of a vertebral joints disease, degenerative diseases and other different musculoskeletal system diseases by the means of minimally invasive surgery to the smallest nerve. Arthroplasty, Arthroscopic and other treatments are provided by faster and safer method – a method of minimally invasive surgery. In addition, the majority of reoperations performing in South Korea are performed in the Kang Dong Hospital after patients were unsatisfied with the results of previous operation they had in another hospital. The hospital also provides the most difficult revision surgeries in case there is a necessity of replacement of old artificial joint. Thus Kang Dong Hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital in the field of joints and spine with the majority of performed operations in comparison with other university hospitals.

7 Centers

Joint Center (Orthopedic)

Since 1993, Kang Dong Hospital has performed artificial joint replacements, which require highly developed technologies and great clinic experience. Using High-tech Navigation System, it performs 400+ difficult operations per year with 99% success rate treating concomitant diseases such as tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, and sepsis of the hip joint.

High-tech Navigation System

Computerized Navigation system accurately calculates the axis of joint cross section and the alignment of the leg bones, leading early deterioration of the implant and longer lifetime of the inserted artificial joints.

Spine Center (Neurosurgery)

Kang Dong Hospital leverages proprietary technology called Unilateral Bi-portal Endoscopy (UBE), gentle manual therapy, and osteopathic techniques to minimize the wound during the treatment of spine diseases and musculoskeletal system. The center specializes in a complex treatment of spine diseases (scoliosis, osteochondritis, radiculitis, and intervertebral hernia) and joints. Its highly qualified doctors with 20+ years of experience use the latest technology to treat musculoskeletal system diseases.

Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy Center provides postoperative rehabilitation, treatment and diagnosis by the means of manual therapy, all possible physiotherapy courses.

Hemodialysis Center

Leveraging the latest hemodialysis machines, high-efficiency hemodialysis filtration devices, and the best water purification facilities, Kang Dong Hospital provides the optimal dialysis environment for patients with kidney failure in a pleasant and comfortable indoor space. Additionally, it aims for patient-centered medical service through thorough management and operation to ensure safety from external infections.

Comprehensive Health Examination Center

“Health checkup is the most basic preparation for a happy future.” Rapid results of examination, reliability of internal medicine specialist, and continuous follow-up management and various programs from basic national examinations to detailed comprehensive examinations.

Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology Center

Kang Dong Hospital provides accurate diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer and esophageal cancer. Direct examination and polyp removal by an experienced endoscopy specialist, prompt results after examination, explaining consultation with doctor.

International Medical Center

Kang Dong Hospital provides an extensive support and all range of services from medical consultation to arrival to South Korea and treatment. The USA government at the initiative of Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands signed a medical tourism agreement with Kang Dong Hospital to treat patients from the Islands. It also holds video consultations with foreign patients who are planning to get treatment.

JASS Course & UBE Training and Internship

JASS (Joint, Arthroscopy & Spine Surgery) Course and UBE (Unilateral Bi-portal Endoscopy) Training were organized in 2000. Doctors from all over the world (Russia, USA, Japan, China, and countries of Southeast Asia) have visited Kang Dong Hospital to obtain the newest medical technologies from the world-class orthopedics and traumatology professionals.

Medical Staff in 5 Departments


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