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Hwaseong DS Hospital

Hwaseong DS Hospital is a 100-bed private hospital located in Hwaseong city near Seoul, Korea with 13 doctors serving at 9 medical centers (emergency center, health improvement center, spine center, joint center, pediatric and youth center, gastrointestinal endoscopy center, radiology center, non-surgical pain treatment center, and rehabilitation manual exercise center).

13 Medical Staff at 9 Medical Centers

Emergency Center

The emergency medical specialists who can quickly respond to various emergencies are establishing a 24-hour treatment system. We conduct rapid diagnosis and professional treatment of emergency patients with traumatic injuries, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc. By recovering the patient’s condition to a state close to normal within the shortest time, the effectiveness of continuous treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation are enhanced.

Health Improvement Center

We run a 1:1 program that considers each individual’s health check-up and risk factors, and provides an environment in which patients can become healthy in a comfortable mental and physical state. Not only individual health care but also family management is possible, and professional medical staff with extensive experience protects patient health with the latest equipment and the best environment.

Spine Center

Comprehensive and systematic diagnosis if spinal disease is made through consultation with the joint center, pain clinic, physical therapy room, and internal medicine. In addition, the most suitable and safe method is selected and treated among non-surgical treatment methods and surgical treatment methods. Various spinal diseases can be quickly and accurately treated through detailed examinations using advanced equipment, the latest spine treatment and surgery, and systematic rehabilitation training.

Joint Center

Optimal joint treatment is performed according to the patient’s characteristics. We provide customized treatment by comprehensively analyzing the age, region, and disease of patients suffering from joints, and we specialize in arthroscopy and artificial joint surgery. The treatment, examination, surgery, and rehabilitation treatment courses are systematically and comprehensively performed by medical professionals with abundant clinical experience. In addition, through minimal incision, pain can be reduced and quick recovery is possible, so you can expect high satisfaction results.

Pediatric and Youth Center

We are in charge of general medical treatment that deals with common diseases and prevention of children and infectious diseases, pediatric digestive system, pediatric respiratory system, allergy, vaccination, infant checkup, precocious puberty, and special treatment in the field of growth clinic. We hope that you receive systematic treatment in a spacious and comfortable space that considers young patients and guardians.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center

Diagnose and treat general medical disorders. In addition, we pursue specialized treatment for all digestive-related diseases and provide accurate treatment through detailed consultation and diagnosis. Professional medical staff treats all diseases related to the digestive system from the esophagus to the stomach, liver, and colon and anus through detailed consultation and diagnosis. In light of the rapidly increasing importance of gastrointestinal diseases, we will ensure that patients receive medical treatment in a more comfortable environment based on an organic collaboration system with gastrointestinal internal medicine and radiology departments for higher quality patient-centered treatment.

Radiology Center

The patient’s condition is diagnosed using various imaging methods such as X-ray, fluoroscopy equipment such as upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, ultrasound diagnosis equipment, CT, MRI, etc.

Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Center

It is in charge of anesthesia for patients, postoperative pain management, chronic pain treatment, and critical patient management necessary to perform surgical operations. Pre-surgery patient evaluation, during and after surgery are managed in total, and the most appropriate anesthesia management for safe surgery is performed by accurately evaluating the patient’s condition. We provide high-quality medical care through pain management after surgery, and the pain treatment room diagnoses and treats all acute and chronic pain in outpatient and inpatient patients.

Rehabilitation · Manual · Exercise Treatment Center

Excellent rehabilitation specialists can help you restore normal joints and spine diseases or abnormal functions and keep them in a better condition.


Hwaseong DS Hospital

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