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Based on O&YOUNG Plastic Surgery Clinic established in 1991 and O&YOUNG Stem Cell R&D Center established in 2008, O&YOUNG distributes 2 proprietary cosmetic brands (O&YOUNG ACME and Candy O’Lady) as well as other brands globally.

We are skin experts who study the skin. In 1991, O&YOUNG was started as a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, Korea. Based on rich experience of beauty treatments and surgeries, O&YOUNG established O&YOUNG Stem Cell R&D Center in 2008 to study treatment cases and identify solutions for modern-day skin problems. O&YOUNG’s stem cell research and cosmetic experts are with you for complete recovery care of damaged skin. We aim to become a new beauty brand that wants to develop safe products that can be used and provide solutions so that you can focus on the best skin care. In 2015, O&YOUNG Cosmetic was officially launched to leverage our track record of beauty clinic experience and R&D experience to create the unique cosmetic products. In 2017, O&YOUNG International was launched to introduce O&YOUNG cosmetics and other brands globally. Its proprietary brands include O&YOUNG ACME cosmetics and Half Moon Eyes cosmetics.

O&YOUNG ACME is a dermatology cosmetic that was born in the O&YOUNG Stem Cell R&D Center established by O&YOUNG Plastic Surgery Clinic, leveraging medical technology and clinical experience to provide the sustainable acme solutions.

Candy O’ Lady is leading trends and trying new things, becomes a pleasant brand like a sweet dessert by imagination. Candy O’ Lady is the brand that makes your make-up process more fun and colorful, and the skin care before and after a make-up is helping you sweeter.


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O&YOUNG provides high quality products that are tested by official testing organizations such as KFDA, FDA, and CFDA, and manufactured in cGMP and ISO certified facilities.

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