About Us

We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds by industry, function, work geography, gender, citizenship, and race, with a passion to connect people, businesses, governments and academic institutions around the globe.

Exprive for Enterprises

We provide International business development platform for import/export transactions, partnerships, and recruitments.

Participating Companies

Local companies and professionals can provide a better view of what’s going on in a foreign country. They are looking for foreign enterprise partners.

Companies can benefit from having early access to highly motivated talents and learning fresh ideas on global business problems or opportunities.

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To support principled, innovative companies and leaders that improve the world in a socially responsible way.



To provide unique opportunities to companies and exclusive global experience for students and professionals.

Core Values

Core Values

Extraordinary, Experimental, Exploratory

We encourage companies, professionals, and students to be experimental and exploratory in life and business. Life is too short to stay in a comfort zone. We earn a lot when we take challenge and explore opportunities. We hope to provide extraordinary moments through our private but open channel.

Exprive for Students

We provide various services such as career coaching, study tours, and international projects for college students, graduate students, and young professionals. 

Our student programs provide project-based international learning opportunities for students with ambition, drive, and excellence for success. Our students will lead a real-world project for a foreign company for 1-3 months. To enrich the experience, Top MBA alumni volunteers are participating as project mentors to coach students. Additionally, we will provide relevant resources and network to help students navigate through the challenges. Click here for more details.

How it started
MIT Asia Business Conference

We are passionate in connecting people in businesses, governments and academic institutions. Hosting MIT Asia Business Conference since 2015, we saw the power of the connections between students and various organizations across Asia and the rest of the world. We hope to bring this global experience to our students for their success.


Please feel free to submit your company introduction or prospoal PDF to show your seriousness to increase the chance of getting reply from the company.

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