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Our Gansik provides healthy food to help you maintain a healthy life style.

Our Philosophy

The delicious special sauce made by the chef from the Royal Court Food Research Institute and the Royal Hospital Research Institute has the same nutrition and improved taste, so that customers can eat it healthier and more deliciously. Once eaten, you can never miss it, and even if you eat it, it is made to be good for your body.

Our secret sauce is evenly coated to give you a crispy feeling every time you chew our nuts. As our sauce is smartly coated, the crispiness will stay for a long time. In addition, we keep our special sauce not too strong to maintain the special taste that you will never get bored.

Although the process of carefully making our snack one by one by hand is slow and difficult, we are making healthy desserts that the our family can enjoy with confidence by sticking to only pure ingredients that are good for the body.

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