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Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Wanyan is a leading Korean-style skin management brand in China, operating 300+ clinics in 100+ cities. It has introduced a lot of technical support and professional input from South Korea and quickly occupied the Chinese medical aesthetics market in a short period of time. It has won numerous highly affirmed evaluations with its high-quality professional services.

Wanyan has maintained long-term strategic alliances with domestic and foreign institutions such as Brigham and Women Hospital (Boston, USA, a Harvard Affiliated Hospital), Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA, one of the three oldest hospitals in the US), and Bangkok BAAC Health Centre (Bangkok, Thailand) to provide powerful medical resources for health and anti-aging, and to ensure that all customers can achieve their medical needs. Wanyan’s mission is to provide the safest, professional and reliable medical services.

Wanyan is a cosmetic and plastic surgery institution certified by both China and South Korea. All doctors have been medical practitioners for more than 16 years and obtained certification to practice medicine in China. Wanyan works with the top plastic surgery experts from Yonsei University in South Korea to adopt the medical safety guarantee system and treatment system from South Korea and apply Chinese aesthetic concepts for localization.

Wanyan also operates academy that hosted more than 3,800 aesthetic students and hosts various training events in 200+ franchises in 100+ cities.

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