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Pine Cone (日本松果)

Founded in 2004, Pine Cone (日本松果公司) provides home care in Kyoto, subsidies, meal delivery, home care, full body exercise, rehabilitation training, bathing assistance, body turning, eating assistance, and entertainment and has partnered with .Luoyang Nursing Hospital Cooperation in China. Pine Cone has considered “to continue living in a familiar area with peace of mind” as the basis of providing care services. We will provide better nursing care services by learning from each other and working hard with each other. We will contribute to the creation of a warm community (health care) where the spirit of care and the spirit of care are valued.

Foundation Thought Representative Director Mori Matsukubo (松久保道徳)

My previous job was at a medical institution in the Nishijin area. Nishijin-ori, a traditional industry in Kyoto, is supported by workers called Debata and Chimbata who place looms at home to weave textiles. I saw many people who hurt their necks and lower back by working in the same posture for a long time even in the cold winter. Many patients suffered from hypertension because they lived a salty lunch such as rice, pickles and miso soup to gain working time. I also treated occupational diseases that get sick by working. Patients who suffer from cerebrovascular disorders such as cerebral hemorrhage by inhaling carbon disulfide gas generated in the process of manufacturing chemical fibers, and using a vibration tool called a chainsaw causes pale fingers, numbness and pain. They were forestry workers with pallor disease. Through these experiences where work and life cause illness and disability, when starting a long-term care business, I decided that I would like to do the work that is indispensable in the community and create a workplace where the staff can work comfortably.

Our Business

Health management

  • Established a nursing care business in 2004. With the goal of “continuing to live in a familiar area with peace of mind,” we are conducting multiple home-visit nursing / nursing small-scale multifunctional home care / home support projects.
  • The staff is 30 people from 20s to 70s, including public health nurses, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, caregivers, and care managers. The target areas are Kita-ku, Sakyo-ku, and Kamigyo-ku, and we provide long-term care services to about 300 users living at home. In addition, since 2017, we have been promoting Japan-China exchanges in Henan, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, etc., through the dissemination of Japanese long-term care technology and knowledge.
  • Our company has a small number of people who can talk about anything, and social gatherings such as year-end parties and cherry blossom viewing are attended with the family. All full-time and part-time employees undergo health examinations, and the rate of stomach, lung, large intestine, and breast cancer examinations is 100%, and cervical cancer examinations are 92%. We also hold study sessions on shortening working hours for childcare and long-term care, paid leave for child care and long-term care, work reduction for people with mental health problems, and work-life balance.

SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals Initiatives

  • Pine Cone supports the realization of the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)” advocated by the United Nations, and has 8 priority issues in Japan’s “SDG Implementation Guidelines” will be promoted.
    • Providing information and support for “zero care leave”, initiatives of Orange Cafe and Careers Cafe
    • Strong commitment to the quality of long-term care and training
    • Provide a place to live to support a community where everyone can live comfortably, with or without injury or disability


Home-visit nursing station

  • Medical care, medical condition observation, treatment according to doctor’s instructions, rehabilitation, family support.

Nursing care consultation / life consultation

  • Care plan creation, various application agency; Pension / adult guardianship consultation; Support for balancing long-term care and work / life.

Orange cafe / creating a place to stay

  • Dementia consultation by a dementia care specialist; Interaction between people with dementia and their families; Volunteer recruitment

Nursing small-scale multifunctional home care

  • Community-based service; Flexible provision of home-visit nursing / nursing care, outpatient services, and overnight services
  • Registration capacity 18 people (9 people attending, 3 people staying)
  • Special treatment improvement addition for long-term care staff Ⅱ / Long-term care staff treatment improvement

Care Personnel Training Programs

  • HR Development: internships (3-day hands-on training) and tours
  • Overseas personnel exchange
  • Overseas welfare site facilities and exchanges

Business in China

Henan Runsong Elderly Service, Xigong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province-Training (introductory lectures on nursing care and basic lectures on dementia), door-to-door home care services (“six assistance” services purchased by the government) to provide living care for the elderly Product supplies, health services for the elderly, health and fitness for the elderly, cultural entertainment for the elderly, tourism services for the elderly, providing housekeeping, day care, medical care, spiritual comfort, emergency rescue services for the elderly, meals, bathing, and assistance for the elderly at home Customized services for cleaning, emergency assistance, and medical assistance.

In Henan Province, China, a Sino-Japanese joint venture project was established to provide a professional care exchange platform. Henan Runsong Elderly Care Service, Xigong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China-Actively carry out lectures on care for the elderly with dementia, home care services, and small-scale and multi-functional home care services.

Projects by Pine Cone (日本松果)


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