[Honeywell/한국하니웰] Business Development Manager in BMS, Automation


Posted on 2021.04.18

Location : Seoul, Korea
Career Area : Technical sales

Job Description

Tridium, Industrial IoT Supplier, an independent business entity of Hoeneywell is looking for a Business Development Manager. (www.tridium.com) 

Based in the AP region and reporting to the Tridium AP business leader, the BDM will be required to take direct ownership and responsibility of key customer relationships in APAC, with some requirement for ownership of relationships globally. This will include the present customer base, but will chiefly require the BDM to identify new territories, verticals and customer opportunities, and develop and manage these to become long-term users of
Tridium’s products.

• Identification of potential new customers and their subsequent development to become either direct or indirect customers, with offloading to regional sales teams.
• Ownership and responsibility of all customers in the region (internal and external) and creating relationships with key customer staff at all levels.
• Contribution to Tridium’s’ strategy and its implementation via market research and business development.
• To regularly ensure that the CRM and other relevant databases are suitably updated and modified to include latest information and impart knowledge to further assist the APAC team’s ability to create reports and manage sales for both current and new customers.
• Participate and contribute to team meetings and other company events across the organization

Job Requirements

at least 5+ years relevant career experience in BMS, Automation

Additional Information

  • 커리어수준 : 중간관리자
  • 급여사항 : 면접 후 협의
  • 고용형태 : 정규직
  • 경력여부 : 경력

Guidelines for Applicants

  • 전형방법 :  1차 서류전형  
                           2차 면접전형
  • 제출서류 : 국영문 CV
  • 접수방법 : 이메일(kay.kwon@honeywell.com)
  • 마감일 : 2021.05.18

Company Information


Honeywell International is a $39 billion diversified Fortune 100 leader with more than 130,000 employees in 100 countries around the world. We invent and manufacture technologies that address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends like energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity.
We are building a world that’s safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy efficient, more innovative and productive. For more information, please visit Honeywell.com or follow us @HoneywellNow.

Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) is a $15.9 billion global business that is increasing the productivity of people at work, and the safety, security and energy efficiency of our homes, buildings, and industrial plants around the world. Honeywell environmental controls, life safety, security, sensing, scanning, and mobility products, as well as building and process solutions, are at work in homes, buildings, industrial facilities, and public and private facilities around the world.

하니웰은 자동제어의 역사와 함께 성장해 왔습니다.

1885년 창업 이래 120년간 세계의 첨단 기술을 이끌어온 글로벌 기업 하니웰은 현재 전세계 95개국에서 12만 5천여명이 일하고 있는 초우량 기업으로서, 미국 4대 방위산업체, 미 Fortune지 선정 50대 기업, 다우존스지수에 편입되어 빌딩제어, 자동제어, 사업제어, 제어기기 부문에서 세계 시장을 개척, 선도하고 있습니다.

한국하니웰은 1984년 설립된 이래, 석유화학 공정자동화 및 인텔리전트 빌딩시스템(IBS)을 중심으로, 신기술 연구개발, 고급 기술인력 육성, 최고의 서비스 등을 통해 우리나라 자동 제어 산업의 굳건한 토대를 구축하고 있습니다. 그 동안, 국내 유수의 정유,석유화학공장, LNG 인수 기지,운반선 그리고, 대형 업무용 빌딩, 반도체공장 등 국내 기간 시설의 핵심적인 운영시스템을 공급해왔으며, 현재 지능형 홈 시스템, 보안장비, 자동차용 센서 및 가스측정사업에 이르기까지, 그 영역과 기술력을 확대하고 있습니다.

서울 마포구 상암동 1590 상암IT타워/Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea



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