[NIKE/나이키코리아] Nike.com/App Marketing Specialist


Location : Seoul, Korea
Career Area : Marketing, Research

Job Description


We are looking for a Nike.com/App Marketing Specialist to join our Consumer Direct Digital Marketing team based in Seoul. This role needs to understand overall brand strategy and commercial circumstances to support brand and business objective at Nike.com. Nike.com/App Marketing Specialist is also responsible for building a digital marketing plan and executing based on gender/sports category to serve and retain our consumers and members. Also the candidate requires to be curious and eager to innovate, to test & fail and learn & evolve with digital.


* Understand overall brand architecture and priorities to support brand initiatives at Nike.com to deliver ‘One Brand Voice’ to our consumers and members with inspirations and engagements
* Drive business growth by supporting commercial and seasonal momentums with digital marketing plans and executions. Understand overall digital business circumstances to develop action plans based on ‘Read and Act’.
* Support marketing communication for Nike.com global/member migration: Help our consumers/members to soft-land at global platform and deliver clear information about member benefit changes & member integration (Nike.com/Nike Run Club/Nike Training Club)
* Manage the Digital Marketing (Nike.com/Apps/Targeted communications) platforms to create the holistic digital and O2O(Online to Offline) journey with ‘One Nike Marketplace’ lens for our consumers and members
* Analyze Nike.com data (traffic & engagement) thru Adobe Analytics to acquire member insight and evaluate campaign success
* Act as a team player to work with Seoul Marketing/Marketplace functions: Brand Management, Brand Creative, Integrated Media, Store Marketing and Business function: Nike Direct Digital Commerce team to build solid plan and executions together with one team spirit to serve brand and business objective
* Partner with APLA (Asia Pacific & Latin America) GEO Consumer Direct Digital Marketing teams to have same vision with the plan & executions and get support from Global/APLA about deliverable such as key stories/product asset support


You will directly report to the Consumer Direct Digital Marketing Director. This position requires the cross functional relationship, so you will work closely with the Nike Direct Digital Commerce teams such as Nike.com business partners & Marketing team (Brand/Creative/Media/Store) functions as brand partners and APLA GEO Consumer Direct Digital Marketing partners to have more inputs based on vision & strategy. You will be working as ‘One Marketing & Marketplace’ to create stronger value to the brand and business for our consumers.

Job Requirements


* Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Digital Marketing field or related field
* Minimum 2 years of experience in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing (Digital Commerce)
* Experience working with Adobe Analytics to acquire member insight based on data
* Strong communication and organizational skills with Korean and English to work with cross functional teams
* Ability to drive a culture of always-on testing and learning to evolve the brand and business
* Sensitive on digital trend and environment to connect with Gen-Z consumers and members
* Positive attitude toward work and people to have one team environment
* Local/Domestic Hire Only

Additional Information

  • 커리어수준 : 사원
  • 급여사항 : 면접 후 협의
  • 고용형태 : 정규직
  • 경력여부 : 경력

Guidelines for Applicants

  • 전형방법 :  1차 서류전형
                           2차 면접전형
  • 제출서류 : 영문이력서 : ‘포지션_본인 이름’ 파일 제목/PDF로 해당 사이트에 제출 (각종 증빙서류는 서류전형합격자에 한해 추후제출)
  • 접수방법 : 홈페이지 (https://jobs.nike.com/job/30076?from=job%20search%20funnel)
  • 마감일 : 2021.08.08

Company Information

NIKE / 나이키코리아

나이키는 스포츠에 세상을 나아가게 하는 힘이 있다고 믿습니다. 
나이키의 미션은 인간의 잠재력을 더욱 확장하기 위해 가능한 모든 것을 하도록 이끄는  것입니다. 
세상에 없던 획기적인 스포츠 혁신을 만들고, 지속가능한 제품을 선보이며, 다양한 글로벌 팀과 창의적인 일을 확립하며, 
우리가 머무는 지역 커뮤니티에 더욱 긍정적인 영향을 만드는 것입니다. 

나이키는 테크놀로지 기업입니다.  우리는 기술과 스포츠의 접점에서 미래의 혁신화를 위해 존재합니다. 
우리는 소비자에게 더욱 직접적으로 다가갈 수 있는 혁신을 제공하기 위해 기술의 진화와 세계에서 가장 창조적인 인재에 투자합니다. 

나이키에서 최고의 스니커즈를 디자인하거나 혁신적인 어플리케이션을 위한 개발하는 각각의 모든 인재들은 
단 하나의 미션으로 서로 연결됩니다. 바로 “세상의 모든 선수들을 위한 혁신과 영감을 가져오는 것” 입니다.

서울 강남구 테헤란로152 강남파이낸스센터 30층 / Gangnam-gu, Seoul



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