[Audi Volkswagen Korea/아우디폭스바겐코리아] Technical Compliance Project Coordination Associate


Posted on 2021.04.01

Location : Seoul, Korea
Career Area : Coordinating, Planning, Controlling

Job Description

The Technical Compliance Project Coordination Associate is responsible for

  • Monitoring Technical Compliance activities regarding certification project timelines
  • Coordinating homologation project status by following requirement & workload from each certification team and supporting inter-department communication with brand HQs relevant with South Korean market as well as AVK internal stakeholder
  • Administrative supporting on gaining certification for new models for Brands and reporting and technical compliance support for government certification incl. HQ communication
  • Monitor all the on-going or planned activities in the department focusing on each project timeline schedule
    – Collect updated activities in AVK Technical Compliance for reporting to AVK Management
  • Reconcile each bottle neck of the project to prepare overall project environment which aims to hedget the unforeseen risk facilitate project accomplishment in target time
  • Provide agile summary and planning & coordination manager with documentation & visualization of environment
  • Organize the internal administrative work incl. procurement, payment, and sourcing of resources and facilitate PCMS(Product Compliance Management System) in AVK
  • Maintain up-to-date Group DB with certification status as well as monthly short term forecast from each Brands local sales team

    *Direct Contract to Audi Volkswagen Korea (12 months)

Job Requirements


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in automotive industry and/or consulting
      (i.e. project coordination and management, admin support experience)
  • High level of communication and administrative skills
  • Fluent English & Korean required, German is a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or engineering / technical discipline preferred

Additional Information

  • 커리어수준 : 사원
  • 급여사항 : 면접 후 협의
  • 고용형태 : 계약직
  • 경력여부 : 경력

Guidelines for Applicants

  • 전형절차
    – 1차 서류전형
    – 2차 면접전형
  • 제출서류 : 개인정보 수집 및 이용 동의서, 한글이력서, 영문이력서 (각종 증빙서류는 서류전형합격자에 한해 추후제출)
  • 이력서 양식: 
  • 접수방법 : 이메일 (career@audi.co.kr)
  • 마감일 : 채용시까지
  • 채용담당: 인사담당자 / +82-2-6009-9596 / career@audi.co.kr

Company Information

Audi Volkswagen Korea/아우디폭스바겐코리아

아우디폭스바겐코리아는 독일 Volkswagen Group 내 계열사의 100% 투자를 받고 설립된 국내 법인으로 아우디, 폭스바겐, 벤틀리 그리고 람보르기니 를 수입 판매하고 있습니다.

모 기업인 Volkswagen Group은 유럽 최대 자동차 그룹으로 독일 볼프스부르크(Wolfsburg)에 본사를 두고 있으며, 산하에 12개의 브랜드를 두고 있습니다; 폭스바겐(Volkswagen), 아우디(Audi), 벤틀리(Bentley), 람보르기니(Lamborghini), 세아트(SEAT), 스코다(Škoda), 부가티(Bugatti), 포르쉐 (Porsche), 두카티(Ducati), 스카니아(Scania), 만트럭(Man), 폭스바겐 상용차 등 다양한 브랜드로 이루어져 있습니다. Volkswagen Group은 2017년 말 기준 약 642,300 명의 직원이 전세계 지역에서 근무하며 해당 연도10.7 백만 차량을 전세계 고객들에게 공급하였습니다.

서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 731, 6층 (청담동, 신영빌딩) / Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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