[Exprive Beauty] Medical Aesthetic Brands of China

Medical aesthetics is going strong despite the pandemic. According to Frost & Sullivan, China’s medical aesthetic services industry reached $18 billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 24% since 2014, and is expected to reach $52 billion by 2023.

Please check out our fascinating medical beauty brands doing business in China or planning to enter China!

1. Perfect Your Face (完妍)

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Wanyan is a leading Korean-style skin management brand in China, operating 300+ clinics in 100+ cities.

2. Maylin (媄琳)

High-end Korean medical beauty group operating 8 anti-aging medical aesthetic clinics in Korea (Seoul (3), Seongnam, Ulsan, and Ilsan) and China (Macau and Guangzhou) and premium anti-aging cosmetics, utilizing rosehip oil. Maylin formed a strategic partnership with Hyundai Department Stores under Hyundai Group and opens clinic in each Hyundai Department Stores to provide the luxurious aesthetic services to Hyundai customers.

3. Starstyle (星范医美)

Premium beauty clinic brand from Taiwan operating 66 clinics and centers in China. Beijing Starstyle Medical Cosmetology Hospital Management Co. (北京星范医疗美容医院管理有限公司) was founded by Chairman Yan Zhongyu (颜仲裕) who has 20+ years of brand management experience and has won several premium medical cosmetology industry awards.

4. Oracle Clinic Weizi (唯姿奥拉克)

Oracle Clinic is a leading Korean beauty clinic brand that has ~80 clinics using its brand in Asia including Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Weizi Oracle (唯姿奥拉克) is Oracle Clinic’s master franchisor for Hunan providence of China, operating 4 beauty clinics in Changsha, using 3 different beauty brands including Weizi Oracle.

5. Soyoung (新氧)

Largest online community for medical aesthetic consumers, professionals, and service providers in China, allowing customers to discover, evaluate and reserve medical aesthetic services in China, Korea, and other countries. Founded in 2013 and listed on NASDAQ in 2019. Headquartered in Beijing and has office in many cities in China and Seoul.

6. Genius

Founded in 2016, GENI;US is a leading Korean medical and beauty company, operating 28 clinics under 4 brands. GENI;US worked with foreign partners to open clinics in China and Vietnam, and plans to open in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and others.

PPEUM is a next-gen total beauty-plex brand with unconventional skincare services targeting millennials and Gen Z customers covering half-million customers over 20 clinics since 2016.

Clar&B (Clar means “clear” in Latin; B stands for Beauty) is a premium skincare clinic brand with dermatology specialists targeting high-end customers who want to maintain a young and vibrant lifestyle.

Founded in 2001, Sangsang clinics focus on authentic body shape management and lipolysis injection-based obesity treatment over 20 years.

TU (Trend Up) Dental Clinic leverages the latest treatment technology to apply minimal removal and incision to minimize the pain.

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