[Exprive Eurotrip] Check Out Our Newly Added European Companies!

Hello everyone!

We’d like to let you know little bit about our newly added European companies!

They cover various industries such as branding and marketing to seniorcare, fintech, and aviation.

Please check out the company introduction and exciting projects that they are waiting for you to challenge!


1 . Altavia / Creative Capital


Comprehensive French branding, sales, and marketing agency founded in 1983

and has 2,500+ professionals serving 500+ brands in 40+ countries in 4 continents.


2 . Hinounou


Digital healthcare platform leveraging blockchain technology

for silver generation primarily doing business in China.  


3 . Nexi


The largest payments company in Europe providing various financial services,

managing 41m payment cards and acceptance services for 890,000 sales outlets,

handling 445 billion euros over 5.5 billion transactions every year.


4 . Swissport


World’s leading independent provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling services,

leveraging 45,600 employees generating operating revenue of 3 billion euros

at 298 airports in 47 countries on six continents.



Have a good week!


Team Exprive

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