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On March 13, 2021, Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学) hosted an appointment ceremony for internship host companies and enterprise mentors in Foshan campus in Guangdong, China. Song Yang (宋阳), the Dean of the Department of International Business of BFSU hosted the guests. Exprive is participating in this program by providing BFSU students with access to Exprive mentors.

BFSU has been established for 80 years and has accumulated a profound academic background; the entrepreneurial hot spot in the Pearl River Delta, generations of business talents have emerged. Since the establishment of the institute, our institute has given full play to the industrial advantages of the Pearl River Delta region and actively explored innovative talent training models. In the future, the college will rely on the internship and practical education base to carry out in-depth cooperation with enterprises and institutions outside the school. Through the cooperation between schools and enterprises, help students change their thinking, broaden their horizons, and improve their work ability. At the same time, they will also convey knowledge for the society and enterprises. , High-quality talents with ability and vision.

Internship Hosts

  • First Law Technology (Shenzhen) (第一律政科技(深圳)有限公司)
  • Foshan Beiwai Affiliated School Sanshui Foreign Language School (佛山市北外附校三水外国语学校)
  • Foshan Fangwai Education Training Center (佛山市方外教育培训中心)
  • Cross-border E-commerce Chamber of Commerce in Shunde District, Foshan (佛山市顺德区跨境电子商务商会)
  • Longjiang Middle School, Shunde District, Foshan (佛山市顺德区龙江中学)
  • Guangdong Shunde Desheng School (广东顺德德胜学校)
  • Guangzhou Huanju Times Information Technology (广州欢聚时代信息科技有限公司)
  • Keda Manufacturing (科达制造股份有限公司)
  • Shantou Maier Education Consulting (汕头市麦尔教育咨询有限公司)
  • FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Foshan (一汽-大众汽车有限公司佛山分公司)

Enterprise Mentors

  • Bai  Chengmin, Founder & CEO of Exprive (白承敏Exprive公司创始人兼首席执行官)
  • Cai Jianxu, Managing Director of Foshan Wirtgen Machinery (蔡建旭 佛山维特根机械有限公司董事总经理)
  • Chen Xinquan, CEO of Future Times (Shenzhen) Culture Communication (陈欣泉未来时代(深圳)文化传播有限公司首席执行官)
  • Dai Chunming, President of Daishi International Group (戴春明  戴世国际集团总裁)
  • Gong Xiaokang, General Manager of Foshan Seven Rubber Crystal Home (巩小康 佛山市七橡水晶家居有限公司总经理)
  • Han Xiaoxing, Executive Director of Foshan Weixing Enterprise Consulting (韩小兴 佛山维兴企业咨询有限公司执行董事)
  • Jin Miaofang, Deputy Director of Country Garden Financial Capital Center (金妙芳 碧桂园财务资金中心副总监)
  • Li Zhiqing, Managing Director of Xincheng International, Koda Manufacturing (黎智清 科达制造股份有限公司信成国际董事总经理)
  • Li Haiyi, General Manager of Time and Space Capsule (Shenzhen) Technology (李海一 时空胶囊(深圳)科技有限公司总经理)
  • Li Qing, Chief Financial Officer of Keda Manufacturing (李擎   科达制造股份有限公司财务总监)
  • Li Yuejin, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Keda Manufacturing (李跃进 科达制造股份有公司董事会秘书)
  • Liang Jianping, Foshan Battenfeld Cincinnati Financial Officer Plastic Equipment (梁建平佛山巴顿菲尔辛辛那提塑料设备有限公司财务总监)
  • Luo Huiping, General Manager of Foshan Kezhimei Furniture (罗慧平 佛山市科智美家具有限公司总经理)
  • Sun Yang, President of Southern Division, Cedar International Trust (孙杨    雪松国际信托南部事业部总裁)
  • En Yang, Founder & CEO of Yi Fu Consulting (Shenzhen) (王恩仰易赋咨询(深圳)有限公司创始人兼首席执行官)
  • Xu Yun, Director of Development Center of Extraordinary Cultural and Creative Industries, Shunde, Foshan (许云    佛山市顺德区非常文化创意产业发展中心主任)
  • Yao Jie, Director of International Marketing Center of Keda Manufacturing (姚杰 科达制造股份有限公司国际营销中心总监)
  • Zhou Peng, Vice President of Keda Manufacturing (周鹏    科达制造股份有限公司副总裁)

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