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Sleepace (享睡)
Founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China, Sleepace is the world’s leading provider of smart sleep solution and IoT night time automatic control technology. Focusing on the advanced non-wearable monitoring technology and algorithm, its solution can monitor real-time sleeping data such as heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, leaving bed status and reach over 95% accuracy compared with medical PSG standard. Its enterprise smart sleep solution has been widely applied in industries such as smart bedding, smart home / hotels, elderly care, baby monitor and etc. Sleepace has over 70 patents and intellectual properties.


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Sleeptech, Health & Wellness



B2B Partner for Sleepace

Study the company introduction material (to be provided) and website of Sleepace to learn about the business. Identify suitable B2B partners in a country of your choice for Sleepace’s smart bedding and elderly care businesses. As a Chinese company, Sleepace is interested in enhancing its expansion to Japan, Korea, Europe, and the US and is open to other regions or countries. Imagine what you would do if you were given an opportunity to do this as a Sleepace employee or its partner company. Try to be creative when deciding the structure and contents of this report.

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