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Business Development for Swissport

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World’s leading independent provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling based on revenue and the number of airports served. Its 45,600 employees achieved operating revenue of 3 billion euros in 2019 based on 298 airports in 47 countries on six continents (as of September 2020.) In 2019, Swissport International AG provided best-in-class airport ground services for 265 million airline passengers and handled 4.6 million tons of air freight in 115 cargo warehouses worldwide. Several of its warehouses have been certified for pharmaceutical logistics by IATA’s CEIV Pharma and by the British MHRA. With its vision to be the aviation industry’s most trusted single-source ground services and cargo handling provider, Swissport is focused on strengthening its market position and driving industry innovation in key areas such as service, quality and reliability.



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Business Development for Swissport

Study Swissport’s business and make any business development proposal or new business idea proposal with respect to the country of your choice and/or globally. Swissport provides airport ground services and air cargo handling services to the airline companies such as Asiana Airline or Korean Air. Imagine what you would do if you were given an opportunity to do this as an employee of Swissport or as a business partner. Try to be creative when deciding the structure and contents of this report.

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Business Development, Business Intelligence

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