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Partner Identification for Wattakgoda Spices

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Sri Lanka


Wattakgoda Spices
Based in Matara, Wattakgoda Spices, previously trading as Wattakgoda Producers, began operations in 1972 as a trusted and consistent provider of Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices to local and foreign buyers. The buying office in Akuressa where it all began, continues be the main buying office of Wattakgoda Spices particularly Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Areca Nut. The company buys its produce from smallholder farmers and trusted middlemen who, day in day out, bring their produce to the company. The company specifies its buying price and acceptable moisture content at the buying office for all to see. The buying season is typically from May to February with the company being seen as a market leader when it comes to specifying the buying price. Wattakgoda exports Cinnamon to Central and South America and Areca Nut to India.



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F&B (Spices)



Partner Identification for Wattakgoda Spices

Understand the company’s business and identify potential enterprise partners or customers or create customer acquisition strategy from a country of your choice. Imagine what you would do if you were given an opportunity to do this as an employee or a partner company. Try to be creative when deciding the structure and contents of this report.

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