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Sarang Plus Hospital

Specialized joint, spine, rehabilitation and medical checkups hospital founded in 2004 and designated as the first “robot artificial joint surgery training center” in Seoul. 150 staff including 13 doctors at 8 centers (joint, spine, nerve, internal medicine, surgical, rehabilitation, examination, and international medical) with 100 beds. 

Since founded as an orthopedic hospital in 2004, Sarang Plus Hospital has been serving to bring hopes to patients in pain from various diseases. We have treated countless patients through vast clinical experiences, state-of-the-art medical technology and honest medical services. And we continue making efforts to ensure all patients to lead a healthy and happy life with tailored treatments based on cooperative practice between medical staffs from internal medicine and surgery. Furthermore, we exhaust our best efforts to bring healthy body, mind and soul to each and every patient under the divine love of God.

Sarang Plus Hospital is a missionary hospital dedicated to performing medical practice to find and help those who alienated and in desperate need of help and to embracing the whole world with the love of God. At the same time, the hospital delivers the highest-quality medical service to patients based on cutting-edge medical care and treatment equipment, such as robotic artificial joint replacement surgery, in order to engage in researches and lead medical innovations.

We are determined to continue serving all patients in pain with honest medical services in order to ensure their healing and recovery in the future. I would very much appreciate your continuous supports, and my prayers are with you all at all times.


“To become a group of missionary hospital with love of god”



Medical Treatment Centers

  • Joint Center: Knee, Shoulder (Hand), Foot, Hip-joint
  • Spine Center: Back, Neck
  • Internal Medicine: Endoscopy (Stomach and Colon), Pulmonary, Allergy, Heart Blood Vessel
  • Brain Center: Dizziness, Parkinsonism, Dementia, Headache
  • Rehabilitation Center: Joint, Spine, Sport-injury, Growth and Body-type (Rehabilitation Center of Sarang Plus Hospital delivers the fast recovery to patients with the skillful physical therapists and the advanced rehabilitation facilities)
  • Health Checkup Center: Health Scanning, Cancer, Blood

Robotics Joint Surgery

Sarang Plus Hospital provides the best arthroplasty surgery leveraging RoboDoc, which is the high-tech robot machine, to patients who suffer pain from the knee joint.

International Healthcare Department

With the mission of become a global hospital delivering the hope to foreign patients, International Healthcare Department is hosting customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Middle East countries such as UAE and Kuwait.

Projects by Sarang Plus Hospital


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