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Seoul Women’s Hospital

Seoul Women’s Hospital is a obstetrics and gynecology hospital founded by Ein Medical Foundation in 1993 and ranked #1 in childbirth in Incheon, boasting the high artificial insemination / IVF success rate (50+%). 40 doctors and 450 staff at IR Center for infertility and reproductive treatment (1K+ IVF cases per year), Delivery & Labor Center (400 deliveries per month), Health Check-up Center, Laparoscopic Surgery Center and HIFU Center for gynecological care (350K outpatients per year).

2022 Seoul Women’s Hospital


Accreditation and Recognition

  • Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation by MOHW
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialized Hospital Certified by MOHW
  • First-Class Medical Institution for High Natural Childbirth by HIRA
  • 2005, 2009 Baby-Friendly Hospital by UNICEF
  • Designated Institution for Embryo Creation by KCDCP
  • Designated Best Endoscopy Unit

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