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TT City (上上城)

TT City上上城 is a fashion focused shopping mall that opened in March 2021 at 南山-南油 南海大道2168号(原南油大厦)in Shenzhen, China. Qian Mengyuan (钱孟元), Chairman of Shenzhen Shangshang Management Co. (深圳上上城管理有限公司) said in an interview: TT City is positioned to create a gathering place for global fashion buyers, and TT City will become the first choice for domestic and foreign fashion buyers to collect and place orders. Designers, independent designers and buyers build an international circulation platform. TT City is a practitioner of fashion, culture, and creativity, as well as a linker for the sustainable development of the apparel industry. In an interview with the media, Jin Dianhan, the vice chairman of the Korean Committee of the Asian Fashion Federation and the Chairman of the Seoul Dasong Trading Company, who attended the press conference, said that in Korea, the commercial market dominated by OEM and designer brands is better than China’s current market. The status quo of the industry is a little faster, and the service of accepting orders from customers has already started. The new version created by TT City has a market and a future. Gabbriel Torres, director of design and art education at the Barcelona Fashion Institute, Spain, and Manuel Bolano, the founder of the Spanish designer brand Bolano of the same name, have expressed great interest in the new 5G business concept, which they mentioned during the exchange. In the international market, a market oriented by buyers and brands is an international trend.

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March 2021 Opening Ceremony

TT City上上城Location: 南山南油 南海大道2168号 (原南油大厦)

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