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Unigrant is a scholarship consulting firm that helps students receive financial aid from U.S. colleges/boarding schools by providing accurate information on scholarship/financial aid opportunities and providing services throughout the financial aid application process.


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I am delighted to present Unigrant, a company that is committed to help students receive financial aid from U.S. colleges/boarding schools and pursue their dreams regardless of their financial circumstances. When I attended college in the U.S., I struggled with financial issues due to the high cost of attendance. I also have seen many cases where students gave up on their studies in the U.S. as they could no longer afford college.

I realized that these financial burdens can be relieved if students and parents are better provided with financial aid information. With careful planning and research, you can always find ways to cut the education costs in the United States. Navigating the financial aid process can be very difficult, and the complexity of the process makes the information that is available less comprehensible. Clearly, better information must be delivered to all students and families.

Unigrant was established in order to provide students with accurate information on U.S. financial aid, improving their chances to receive the financial aid they qualify for.




Our vision is to provide qualified students the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of financial circumstances.

We provide accurate information on need-based financial aid from U.S. colleges/boarding schools. We are here to provide professional full services throughout the financial aid application process which includes school recommendations, financial aid application along with required supporting documents, and an appeal letter to maximize the students’ chances to receive their financial aid they qualify for.

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