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Wattakgoda Spices

Based in Matara, Wattakgoda Spices, also trading as Wattakgoda Producers, began operations in 1972 as a trusted and consistent provider of Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices to local and foreign buyers. The buying office in Akuressa where it all began, continues be the main buying office of Wattakgoda Spices particularly Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Areca Nut. The company buys its produce from smallholder farmers and trusted middlemen who, day in day out, bring their produce to the company. The company specifies its buying price and acceptable moisture content at the buying office for all to see. The buying season is typically from May to February with the company being seen as a market leader when it comes to specifying the buying price. Wattakgoda exports Cinnamon to Central and South America and Areca Nut to India.

Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Spices

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the land of spices in the Indian ocean with the spices which are with rich flavors and aroma that is distinct only to Ceylon. Among all the spices produced in Ceylon, the most famous one is Ceylon cinnamon, also known as the True Cinnamon which is native to Sri Lanka. For centuries, pure Ceylon cinnamon is considered as the miracle spice and was known for its rich aroma which can only be found in true Ceylon cinnamon.

During the medieval era, herbs and spices were used as food preserving agents, specifically preserving meat. Also, the Romans believed the fragrance of Cinnamon to be sacred. Cinnamon is one of the ingredients used by the Egyptian for making their Kyphi incense blend, and was also used for the mummification process.

When the Dutch took over the island, they identified and improved the spice lands in Ceylon by selecting certain areas of the country to specialize in the growing of one particular spice. Today, there are plenty of spice gardens available around the country for anyone to visit and learn more about Ceylon spices.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon has two kinds, Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Out of these two, Ceylon Cinnamon is considered as the True Cinnamon because it has a fresher and sweeter taste than Cassia.

Areca Nut

The fruit of the Areca palm, Areca Nut is largely grown in the wet areas in Sri Lanka. In almost all South Asian countries, Areca Nut is mainly used for chewing with betel leaf as it cause a mild hot sensation to the body.

White & Black Pepper

Black pepper is the second most produced spice in Sri Lanka and is used to spice Sri Lankan cuisine in their curries and other preparations. When composed without the pericarp, this becomes white pepper


Cloves are used in Ayurvedic medicine where the essential clove oil was famously used as a remedy for tooth pain. Ceylon Cloves are most famous for exceptionally strong aromatic flavor and are used in cigars, perfumes and toothpastes.


Cardamom, also known as the “Queen of Spices” is commonly used in both savory and sweet dishes. While cardamom is native to India, Sri Lanka is one of the main suppliers of both the white and green varieties of cardamom.


Mace is the stringy outer coating of the nutmeg seed and tastes like a mix of cinnamon and pepper. Mace possesses an intense aroma and also tastes more pungent and spicier than Nutmeg. Mace is famously used in baking doughnuts.

Why Ceylon Spices?

Ceylon Cinnamon

Sri Lanka, the home where Ceylon Cinnamon grows is the owner of a proud history which dates to centuries back. According to historical accounts Cinnamon is a native plant in Sri Lanka that grew wild until the Dutch started growing it in plantations. To test as to how the plant would grow, they started growing it in Colombo in the area now known as Cinnamon Gardens. However, no Cinnamon is now grown in Cinnamon Gardens as it is a prime residential area.

Ceylon Cinnamon, which is exported and known worldwide is very popular for the distinct flavor of the spice, which is sweet and delicate. Sri Lanka is considered a fine home for the growth of Ceylon Cinnamon since the island has a tropical climate. Scientifically known as “Cinamomum Zeylanicum Blume”, Ceylon Cinnamon varies from cassia in different ways. Especially the taste and the aroma is very different in Ceylon Cinnamon, when compared with Cassia. Apart from that, there are some other differences of Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia which are mentioned below.

Wattakgoda Spices

A famous name in the international market as the #1 exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, Wattakgoda Spices own a history that dates back to 1972. Founded by the late Mr. W M Sumathipala as a local business, Wattakgoda Spices has currently acquired the world market, in its prestigious history of four decades. Establishing links with worldwide spices market, Wattakgoda Spices expanded its business in year 2002. Known to be a major Ceylon Cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka, the head office, the store complex and workshops of Wattakgoda Spices function in the city of Akuressa in the Matara district,150 km south of Colombo.

The secret of the success of Wattakgoda Spices is the value added system developed by the company, in order win its way in the international market. As a major exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka, Wattakgoda Spices specially select and carefully pack consignment of Ceylon cinnamon for its voyage to Central and South America. Some of the other major exporters of Wattakgoda Spices are: Cloves, Black Pepper, cardamom, Grainier ring (goraka) and coffee.


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