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Yatsen (逸仙电商)

Yatsen (逸仙电商) was founded in 2016 by 3 Sun Yatsen University alumni co-founders. To commemorate the university, the company was named “Yatsen” after Mr. Sun Yat-sen. In 2019, YATSEN was rated as the “Unicorn” innovative enterprise in Guangzhou, and it was the only e-commerce unicorn on the list.

In April 2017, YATSEN launched its first beauty brand – Perfect Diary (完美日记), providing “high-quality, creative, and surprising” products that make it easy for everyone to become beautiful and creating a new cosmetics brand belonging to China. In June 2019, Perfect Diary ranked second in Tmall’s “Most Popular Domestic Brands among post-00s”. During the Double Eleven Shopping Festival in 2019, Perfect Diary became the first domestic brand to top the Tmall cosmetics list since the establishment of Double Eleven 11 years ago. As of August 2020, the number of fans of the brand’s entire network has exceeded 27 million.

Founded in 2013, Little Ondine (小奥汀) is an urban fashion cosmetics brand from Shanghai. With a unique visual style and real makeup attitude, Little Ondine hopes to express its true ideas through makeup colors, dare to be bold, and bring his own player makeup to every urban trendy girl.

In 2020, YATSEN officially released its new strategic brand – Abby’s Choice (完子心选), which covers skin care, cosmetics and personal care. Abby’s Choice insists on listening to the real needs of users, concentrating on researching and developing a series of products, and exploring solutions for changing beauty with users.

In 2020, YATSEN was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and opened 200th offline store in Shenzhen. It also acquired Galénic, a high-end beauty brand under the French Pierre Fabre Group. Galénic was personally founded by the pharmacist Mr. Pierre Fabre in the 1970s. As a high-end French skin care brand, Galénic provides scientific and efficient skin care products and exquisite skin care experience.


  • Create value for customers; create value for partners; and create value for employees.
  • Oriented by things, respect KPI.
  • Focus on business flow and setup cross department collaboration.
  • Drive Smart Beauty.
  • All In.


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